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We hope you enjoyed watching the lectures on ArgenZ Zirconia and that you have learned something new. We found it quite amazing to learn where zirconia comes from and where the dental industry is going with new zirconia technology.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need any further information on ArgenZ HT+, ArgenZ Anterior or ArgenZ ST Multilayer. We plan to keep a smaller inventory of discs than what are available and have great introductory specials available if you would like to work with this amazing material.

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Get all your zirconia materials in one place, including multilayer, high translucent, and high strength zirconia as well as a full range of shading liquids.

Quality You Can Count On

All zirconia discs and digital units are made at their headquarters in San Diego, CA and are FDA 510(k) cleared. Discs feature advanced engineering and are isostatically pressed to reduce porosity and ensure density of the material.

The Argen Advantage

Argen is a family-owned American company that manufactures all products in the US and are dedicated to treating customers like family. For more than 50 years, dental labs have trusted Argen to provide timely service, consistent quality, and world-class customer and technical support.



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I would like to try the new ArgenZ milling discs. Where do I start?

We have some demo kits that can be used to test the products. Please contact us and we can discuss the term and conditions related to testing them.    We however suggest that you order your own ArgenZ HT+ or ArgenZ ST Demo Set.  It includes a white disc and sample liquids. You can also order pre-shaded discs to test if you plan to use pre-shaded discs only.

ArgenZ HT+

Strength, shades, and sizes.  ArgenZ High Translucent Plus Zirconia is the fastest-growing zirconia at Argen. This advanced material features 4-5% more translucency and 150 MPa increased strength over traditional HT zirconia.

  • Strength1250 MPa - Strong enough for almost any case
  • Shades: 16 VITA Classical, 3 Bleach, and 2 Light A shades
  • Sizes: 3 disc sizes and nine thicknesses
  • Translucency: 45%
  • Made in the USA
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I do a lot of lithium disilicate. What do you suggest?

Order an ArgenZ Anterior Demo Set and see the amazing results while saving a lot of money.

ArgenZ Anterior Super Translucent Zirconia discs are an exciting alternative to lithium disilicate offering the highest translucency with optimum strength most closely mimicking the natural dentin of the tooth.

  • Translucency: 50%
  • Strength: 765 MPa
  • Three disc sizes; seven thicknesses
  • Six value based shades
  • Made in the USA


I only want to glaze my zirconia’s. What now?

ArgenZ ST Multilayer

ArgenZ™ ST Super Translucent Multilayer Zirconia discs are an exciting alternative to lithium disilicate offering the highest translucency with optimum strength most closely mimicking the natural dentin of the tooth. ArgenZ ST Multilayer Zirconia (STML) discs are made in the USA, isostatically pressed and FDA 510K cleared.

  • 50% Translucency
  • 850 MPa
  • Single Crowns to 3-unit Bridges with 1 Pontic
  • 98mm Discs in 12mm - 20mm thicknesses
  • 16 Vita Classical Shades Available

Tell me more about ArgenZ Shading Liquids.

ArgenZ Shading Liquids

ArgenZ Shading Liquids are designed for maximum aesthetics, simplicity and most importantly consistency. The system is made in the USA and formulated to infiltrate accurately with ArgenZ Zirconia. Two unique shading systems pair with high translucent and super translucent materials and are available in kits or individual refills.

  • 16 VITA Classical Shades
  • 3 Bleach Shades

ArgenZ Incisal Effect

ArgenZ Incisal Effect liquids create a naturally aesthetic transition to the incisal region to help establish depth, shade accuracy, and vitality.

  • 3 Intensities
ArgenZ Colour Modifier

Maximize the aesthetic potential of your zirconia with ArgenZ Colour Modifiers. These liquids can be used to highlight contours, characterize, and create intrinsic warmth and depth.

7 Colours

ArgenZ Pontic Reducer

ArgenZ Pontic Reducer effectively reduces the amount of chroma liquid absorbed by green state zirconia. It can be applied to bridge pontics and thick areas prior to applying shade liquid to balance chroma levels across a multi-unit restoration.


What are the prices for ArgenZ products? Any specials?

We believe ArgenZ prices to be extremely competitive and we are proud to offer a quality product to the South African market at affordable prices. We will give 5% discount on all orders placed in September 2020 and are even offering all laboratories a 15% discount when they place their first order and pre-pay their order. See pricelist below:argen-pricelist

Brochures & DENTASA Code

For more information and short videos on the amazing ArgenZ Zirconia Milling Discs, please visit Argen University.



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