IZI Tooth

Dental Jewellery

Tooth jewellery has always been one of the hottest fashion statements around, with stars like Kesha, Chris Brown and gold medallist, Ryan Lochte, currently all flashing their own style of jewels.


izi proudly presents a range of tooth jewellery manufactured from 22ct yellow or 18ct white gold, with designs ranging from classically stylish to funky bedazzling. Crystals and Sparkles supply the flashy bling. Outshine any crowd with your izi.

izi jewellery is harmlessly bonded to your tooth like any orthodontic bracket. They are easily and painlessly removed, which gives you the freedom to change your designs with the times and stay in style. Professional fitting by most dentists ensures that your gold izi will last for years.

Take the first step towards a glamorous smile and make an appointment with your dentist today – it is more affordable than you think.